IMH Products, Inc.
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About IMH Products

IMH Products is one of the Midwest’s premier metal fabricating, stamping and welding facilities. Our primary markets are instrumentation, highway construction products, material handling components, and communications components.  IMH Products has 30 years of experience in the metal forming industry and has formed a full-service metal stamping and fabricating facility.

IMH Products began in 1984, when founders John J. Ryan and Michael A. Kennedy purchased the assets of Indiana Material Handling Company, Inc.  In 1988, IMH Products expanded its capabilities with the acquisition of Premier Stamping, a 30-year-old precision sheet metal fabricator.

Our Vision and Commitment to You.

We will be considered as “Best” by our customers. To continuously improve all our work processes to satisfy the needs of our customers.

Our Values and Our Promises to You.


Our first priority is to satisfy our customers' need. We firmly believe that our business is built on good will with our customers.


We are committed to the highest level of honesty with our customers, suppliers, fellow employees and with the company. This value is never compromised.


Our employees are expected to strive for excellence in everything they do. We are never satisfied with mediocrity.


We build trust and teamwork with open, candid communications. We are expected to cooperate with all our fellow employees and to promote a positive attitude throughout the company.


We focus on speed to be competitive. We simplify processes and compress cycle times. We believe successful companies have highly productive employees.


We accept changes as the rule, not the exception. we expect employees to be creative and display a high level of innovation. Every employee should promote the change that is always needed in order for the company to do a better job.


We know that the success of our company is dependent upon everyone accepting personal responsibility for performing their jobs in an outstanding manner.


We expect every employee to have a high level of output and willingness to do what is necessary to get the job done. We encourage high expectations, set ambitious goals and meet our commitments.
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Production Manager
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