CNC Forming Services

cnc forming services

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CNC press brake operations at IMH can form any angle, channel, trim, or structural sections on a sheet metal part. By using CNC press brakes with varied tonnages and tooling selections, we achieve the greatest flexibility in all of our bending operations.

We have an extensive library of standard punches and dies. If needed, we offer in-house tooling capabilities to support press brake operations, which allows us to bend parts—from the thinnest materials to the thickest plates—with total accuracy. We enable our team to create unique tool geometries at low costs.

Our machines can produce five-sided boxes as deep as 11 inches. Our 73-ton TRUMPF 3066 press brake has automated beam capacity selections that ensure the fast and accurate bending of angles. Our 144-ton TRUMPF V130 press brake with hydraulic clamping ensures quick tool changes, uniformity, and straightness in long bends. With six-axis backgauges and varied tool clamping options, our machines can handle complicated bends with minimal machine setup time.

Rounding out our fleet, our 13-foot, 220-ton SafanDarley electric press brake machine adds flexibility. The SafanDarley E-Brake technology distributes the bending force evenly, eliminating the need for crowning. By removing the need for the crowning adjustment, we increase bend consistency along the length of the part. The electric mechanism is quicker than a hydraulic mechanism, allowing our operators to get more done in the same amount of work time.

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