CNC Milling

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Get the Best High-Quality CNC Milling Services

IMH Products offers top-of-the-line CNC Milling services. Dedicated to providing our partners with the best products, we guarantee that our milling services produce only the highest quality of manufacturing.

We execute the same operations as other cutting and drilling machines with greater precision and efficiency. Our machines accommodate a large range of needs—everything from prototyping to fabricating unique precision components.

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What is CNC Milling?

CNC is an acronym for computer numerical control. This milling process relies on pre-programmed computer software to control precise cutting tools and complete intricate designs. CNC milling machines leverage computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software in conjunction with computer-aided design (CAD) software to optimize and coordinate manufacturing processes.

Due to its precision and ability to create intricate designs, such as cavities, grooves, holes, slots, and threads, CNC milling is often utilized to refine and finish a particular part’s features. However, it is also capable of starting from a blank slate, forming a piece of material into the correct shape before adding delicate details.

Our CNC Milling Machine

A leading provider of CNC solutions, we partner with Mazak, as well as Citizen, Haas Laser Technologies, Inc., and Okuma, to meet all of our partners’ CNC milling needs. Our primary tool is the Mazak VTC-300C, a vertical machining center capable of high-speed traverse up to 36 meters per minute. With an oversized table cross dimension of 2000 millimeters, the Mazak VTC-300C accommodates large-scale production.

For maximum vertical and horizontal movement, our machines are able to work on all three axes:

  • X-Travel: 65 inches
  • Y-Travel: 30 inches
  • Z-Travel: 30 inches

Milling Capabilities:

  • 24-tool automatic tool change
  • 1,200 IPM feed rate
  • 10,000 RPM through-spindle coolant delivery system

Setting the Standard for Modern Manufacturing Processes

A dual commitment to increasing efficiency and pursuing growth drives IMH’s partnerships. We align our production of steel and aluminum parts and assemblies with each customer’s planned consumption, eliminating excess inventory and hidden expenses. By investing in the most advanced machining technology and empowering employees to develop creative solutions, IMH is able to handle any level of demand.

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