Darrell Hansel, Production Manager

“I like to set goals and figure out process improvements to achieve those Goals.  I get excited when we make visible improvements as a team.”

Growing up in Westfield, Indiana, Darrell began working in manufacturing in high school at Best Lock and has stayed with it throughout his 27 years in the business. Darrell is known for scheduling the shop and people efficiently because “our customers know that if they have a need, we will find a way to get it done for them.”

Meet Darrell

In his free time, you can find Darrell running, bike riding with his wife, and spending time with his growing family. He has two granddaughters, Cayce and Cassidy, that he loves spending time with and watching grow up. Darrell is also an active member of his church and loves to give back to the community. And, after 28 years in the military, Darrell retired from the Air National Guard in July of 2013.

“I work well with others and people generally want to work hard for me.  I communicate well with employees and customers.”


Phone Number
(317) 275-3297