Mike Kennedy, Senior Consultant

“In 1984, I approached my former employer of 12 years about buying a business together.  I feel that creating an environment for personal and professional growth and allowing employees to share in the success is the most personally rewarding aspect of owning a business.” 

Recognizing that success is shared has always been a foundation of the business for Mike.  He knows that his customers need to be successful too.  “I want our customers to tell me that we are counted among their best and most trusted suppliers.”

Mike grew up in Columbus, Indiana.  “It was a great place to grow up, but whenever we wanted to do something of interest we had to drive to Indianapolis.”  Mike now lives in Indianapolis and enjoys short trips with his wife to fun destinations like Las Vegas, Napa Valley, Chicago, and New York.

For Mike, relaxing is watching the Colts or the Pacers, listening to music, and enjoying time with his kids and grandkids.  “A growing family is a fun thing to watch happen.”

Meet Mike

With a background in accounting and finance, Mike has always had a knack for operations and how to run a successful business.  He knows how to keep things on track and deliver what the customer wants.

“That’s the secret to IMH, keep the cost low, the quality high and deliver it on time.”  It’s been a recipe for success that hasn’t changed in thirty years.

Phone Number
(317) 275-3293