Swiss Turning

High-Quality Swiss Turning

Ideal for large production runs of small-diameter parts, Swiss turning allows manufacturers to quickly and efficiently machine slender work pieces. IMH’s Swiss turning lathe enables us to handle very low tolerances, making this machining method incredibly useful for aerospace and medical components. 

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Swiss Turning Capabilities

Our machines use live tooling, allowing us to manufacture even the most intricate of components. Our capabilities include:

  • 12-foot bar feeder length
  • Maximum diameter: 20-millimeter cold finished bar stock

Setting the Standard for Modern Manufacturing Partnerships

A dual commitment to increasing efficiency and pursuing growth drives IMH’s partnerships. We align our production of steel and aluminum parts and assemblies with each customer’s planned consumption, eliminating excess inventory and hidden expenses. By investing in the most advanced machining technology and empowering employees to develop creative solutions, IMH is able to handle any level of demand.

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