The process of automation manufacturing & machining is becoming a standardized tool for many manufacturers. It is an important tool because it is no longer limited to just production lines. Automation can be used to streamline inventory, orders, and purchasing. At IMH Products we have expanded our automation capabilities in order to fulfill the needs of our customers.

Our fabrication process can be customized to fulfill large scale orders on any size components. Our engineering group works with our customers to establish manufacturing automation processes to build low volume prototypes to large recurring production runs. At our three production plants we feature a wide variety of presses, punches, coil feeder presses, CNC lathes, and more. The combination of IMH’s three production facilities gives our customers exceptional capacity and capabilities through automation. We have the ability to provide progressive stamping, high volume stamping, and high quality finishes.

Examples of Automation Manufacturing & Machining

Among our automation capabilities we feature:

  • CIDAN folding with automation
  • Multiple coil feeder options
  • Robotic welding
  • Laser cutting
  • Automated drain welding system
  • Press brakes
  • CNC mills

Our facilities are capable of automated runs for small components on coil feed stamping lines as well as large scale production of highway barriers, construction products, and cab cages for agricultural equipment. Our automated welding booths allow us to quickly and accurately produce spot welds for large scale components. We also have a production facility with multiple lasers, press brakes, and machining centers that allow for flexibility to handle a large array of processes. This facility fabricates products for agriculture, construction, food service, and trailers.

safety cab cages

As a leading provider of components to multiple industries IMH Products has a long list of satisfied customers. Our products are American made and our automation capabilities make us a reliable partner for your business. For more information on how our automation can help you contact us at