In just two years the share of the overall global electric vehicle market rose from 4% to 14%. This means that electric vehicles are one of the driving forces in the new global energy economy. This is a rapidly changing and emerging field, and as a result, the demand for batteries and EV charging infrastructure is exploding. Within the next 10 years experts believe the charging station market size is expected to grow more than tenfold. In order to become a leader in this field, IMH Products has ramped up its capabilities in EV charging & batteries manufacturing & machining.

ChargePoint EV charging station

IMH Products is striving to be at the forefront of this growth by providing components for electric charging infrastructure. Public EV charging stations must be built durably to protect the charging components such as the power supply, transformer, and more. With galvanized components to protect against weather and corrosion, IMH Products is a trusted provider of these critical structures. 

We are currently developing components for EV charging & batteries manufacturing & machining in the following ways:

  • Charging for multifamily housing
  • Charging at home
  • Workplace charging
  • Public charging
  • Operation and maintenance

Infrastructure is a major key to this growing industry. As EVs become more common on the road the need for EV chargers will growing.

We are always looking to expand our production when it comes to EV Charging systems. Contact us today to work with our team.