In 2022 Congress passed the bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act. It was a combination of the Endless Frontier Act that was designed to boost investment in domestic high-tech research, and the CHIPS for America Act that was designed to bring chips and semiconductor manufacturing back to the U.S. This act included a $39 billion investment for chips & semiconductor manufacturing & machining in the United States. It also featured 25% investment tax credits for the costs of manufacturing equipment. 

This investment in the domestic production of chips and semiconductors has been beneficial for IMH Products, as it produces components that help fortify chip production, semiconductor research, and manufacturing. IMH is a provider of several components for the manufacturing equipment needed to complete the delicate work of chips & semiconductor manufacturing & machining.

A Critical Part of U.S. Industry

Chips and Semiconductors are critical to the U.S. economy, national security, technology leadership, and day to day life for American consumers. The production of semiconductors enables technologies driving the future economy. These technologies include AI, 5G/6G, quantum computing, cloud services, and more. 

Creating these products requires skill and precision, which is an area where IMH Products excels. Many companies and universities have used the passage of the CHIPS and Science Act to expand operations and increase training, such as Purdue University, which launched the nation’s first comprehensive semiconductor degrees program in anticipation of the overwhelming need for 50,000 trained semiconductor engineers in the United States. 

IMH is a supplier of custom-made components, devices, and designs for dozens of chip and semiconductor manufacturers across the country. We are poised to aid this industry as companies look to capitalize on these investments nationwide. The CHIPS and Science Act is part of a commitment to invest in 21st century investments. This has catalyzed more than $503 billion in private investment and $299 billion in public infrastructure spending. This also includes other areas where IMH Products is involved in producing components such as EVs & Batteries and Clean Energy.

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