A wide array of industries trust IMH Products to fabricate components that are both reliable and durable. Our versatility and ability to produce on a large scale allow us to fulfill orders for multiple types of metal manufacturing industries. Our customers trust us to work with them from the design phase all the way through shipment.

Our Contributions to Metal Manufacturing Industries


Contractors within the defense industry trust us to provide durable products for vehicles and more our stamping capabilities allow us to produce large panels for vehicles and intricate parts for tools that are used in the field.


IMH Products has the precision to provide components for several customers within the medical device industry. Our capabilities allow us to fabricate components both large and small with a wide variety of materials.

Energy and Solar

We are a leading supplier of products that energy companies use to deliver energy to their customers. This includes the use of solar power, which is a growing resource as many providers look for safe and renewable energy sources.

Water Infrastructure

Water infrastructure is critical not just for cities, but for agriculture and more. It is central to the U.S. economy, and IMH is a manufacturer of components for water infrastructure such as dams, reservoirs, pipes, aqueducts, and and intakes.

EV Chargers

The electric vehicle industry is growing, and with that comes the need for expanded infrastructure in the form of charging stations. IMH Products is working to design and build components to expand charging infrastructure for this growing industry.

Steel Buildings

IMH Products stocks construction products and accessories, and can provide custom fabrications on a make-to-order basis, with or without galvanized coating.

Food Production

From ice cream machine components to large scale food service trays, IMH Products fabricates a wide array of products for the food service and production industry.

Chip and Semi Manufacturers

In 2022 Congress invested strongly in domestic production of chips and semiconductors. IMH Products produces components that helps fortify semiconductor research and manufacturing.


The automation process that IMH Products uses allow us to quickly and accurately fill large orders for components. This includes welding, stamping, and folding.


Telecommunications infrastructure is a critical element in today’s world. IMH Products produces components that are ready to meet the needs of the growing telecommunications industry.

Agriculture Products

Several providers of farm equipment and water facilities rely on components from IMH Products to produce the products that deliver critical food and water needs.