Having a broad array of metal products from which to make the right selection is critical for commercial architects. That is why IMH Products is a provider of components for pre-fabricated steel buildings. Our pre-made galvanized steel building components are designed to fit the needs of your business. Our production capabilities also allow us to fabricate at a high volume for the steel buildings manufacturing & machining industry.

steel buildings brackets

Pre-fabricated steel buildings are a solution for many contractors. They are made of ready-made parts that are assembled quickly, yet they offer a durable and permanent solution in a variety of situations. With steel buildings manufacturing & machining providers can quickly and efficiently construct durable buildings that stand the test of time.

Our production capabilities allow us to produce:

  • Eaves
  • Brackets
  • Panels
  • Fasteners
  • And more!

IMH has 46 presses ranging from 40 tons to 800 tons and can design and build tooling for a wide variety of metals. Our components are perfect for barns & outbuildings, shops & garages, residential, commercial, agricultural, and more. Our construction products and accessories provide custom fabrications on a make-to-order basis, with or without galvanized coating. This is why we are a trusted and reliable partner for contractors all over the country.

Our Sales Department is ready to assist you on any size order, and our on-site engineers are ready to work with you to design what you need to meet your specs. Reach out to us at sales@imh.com.