The fabrication of components in medical device manufacturing & machining requires a delicate and precise process. It requires dozens of parts to be assembled in concert before they are delivered to the final assembly line. This requires original equipment manufacturers to find fabricators that have the capabilities to not only produce precision components, but they have to be able to adapt as well. From the design phase through fabrication the associates at IMH Products combine their skills and experience to make us a leading provider of parts for medical devices. 

The array of processes that IMH Products can utilize allows us to stand out as a leader when it comes to medical device manufacturing & machining. Our tool and die operators are experts at providing solutions to the unique challenges that these parts present. Medical devices require a range of custom metal components to function, including:

  • Brackets
  • Adapters
  • Plates
  • Precision welds
  • Stands

Engineers incorporate metal fabricated parts into their medical device design due to its strength and lower overall manufacturing cost. CNC machining may still be needed for the manufacture of some parts, which is a process that IMH Products has a wealth of experience in managing. Many handheld or benchtop medical devices function well with the thin shapes that sheet metal components can deliver. Metal skins also provide durable exteriors to medical devices. 

IMH Products also has the ability to offer the processes and biocompatible materials needed to make medical device applications. We have the ability for expanded production capacity and flexibility in order to respond to increases in demand. Our designers and engineers can also design solutions in-house to allow the production of components in order to quickly arrive at an optimized design.​

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