IMH Products has branced out to precast concrete manufacturing. We have the ability to create custom fabrications starting from the design phase with our in-house design engineers.

A precast concrete component ismade off-site in a reuseable mold. It is cured under controlled conditions before it is transported to the construction site and lifted into position. There are numerous accessories that are used as part of this process, and IMH Products is a leading supplier of these accessories.

Types of Precast Concrete Accessories

Anchor Rail HD
This is a cast-in-place galvanized channel used for positioning and anchoring mechanical straps and supports.

Coil Inserts
Coil inserts come in many different styles such as L-leg, thin slab, flared, double-flared, straight, criss-cross double flared, and more.

Column Connector
Column-to-base and column-to-column connection serves to joing two types of precast sections together. These types of connectors eliminate the need for panel bracing and welding.

Edge Connector
Edge connectors are used to position the panel edge for later welding. It is a rebar-winged embed that is tied to reinforcing steel in the concrete and flat positioned for later welds.

Ferrule Inserts
Much like coil insterts, ferrule inserts come in different styles like straight, flared, double-flared, crisscross double-flared, L-leg, thin slab and wing types for precast panels.

These ring-shaped designs come rated for different capacities and rotate through the lifting insert. These capacities can be up to 10 tons.

Slant Anchor
This is a unique type of anchor that provides simple panel-to-foundation connection without welding or bolting.

Straight Leg Anchor
Handling precast panels is done with straight leg anchors, which are inserts with an anchor loop, steel legs, and disposable plastic former for handling precast panels.

Wall Connector
This eliminates the need for panel bracing and welding because of bolted wall-to-base and wall-to-wall connections.

Wire Truss
This is a way to join multiple layers of concrete into a single unit. It can also be used to install a layer of insulation between two layers of concrete.

Precast Concrete Accessories

IMH operates with precast concrete manufacturing by producing lifting anchors, strap embeds, and other custom formed metal products. We stock strap embeds for retaining walls, and can also fabricate custom forms for the precast concrete market.

To learn more about how we can serve your needs for precast concrete accessories contact us.