Construction Products

Corrugated Steel Pipe Slotted Drain and Accessories

IMH is a member of the National Corrugated Steel Pipe Association and fabricates many fittings, couplers, trash
grates, band angles, culvert sections, and end sections for corrugated steel pipes. We stock slotted drain
in 2”, 2.5”, and 6” heights in both straight and trapezoidal configurations. We can also fabricate custom or
variable drain heights for unique projects.

Precast Concrete Accessories

IMH serves the precast concrete market with lifting anchors,
strap embeds, and other custom formed metal products. We stock strap
embeds for retaining walls, and can also fabricate custom forms for
the precast concrete market.

Bridge and Highway

IMH can manufacture metal components for bridges, walkways, and other custom applications.
We stock a large selection of structural steel washer
and plates used in some of the largest construction projects.