CNC Forming Services

CNC forming services. IMH has a range of press brakes that can form any angle, channel, trim, or structural sections on sheet metal parts. Thanks to our large selection of press brake tooling options, our extensive library of punches and dies, and our team of skilled operators, we can efficiently deliver both small batches and large-scale production quantities. Our 3D CAD bending software allows us to program our brakes for maximum accuracy and speed, saving our partners time and money. 

Press Brake Capabilites

  • Accurpress 100-ton brake with 4-axis backgauge
  • Accurpress 400-ton brake with 3-axis backgauge
  • Amada HFB-8025 88-ton brake with CNC backgauge
  • Amada RG-35 brake with CNC backgauge
  • Amada RG-80 8-foot brake with CNC backgauge
  • CINCINNATI® Proform+ 90-ton, 8-foot brake with 5-axis backgauge
  • CINCINNATI® Proform+ 175-ton, 12-foot brake with 5-axis backgauge
  • CINCINNATI® 230-ton, 12-foot brake with 3-axis backgauge
  • CINCINNATI® 600-ton brake with CNC backgauge
  • Pacific 200-ton brake
  • Pacific 750-ton, 24-foot brake
  • Standard Industrial 200-ton brake with CNC backgauge
  • 1,000 Ton Cincinnati Press brake