IMH Products offers a range of effective stormwater drainage options with its stormwater drainage manufacturing operations. Because every stormwater drainage need is unique, we offer custom solutions to optimize performance of our systems for each client individually. These custom solutions work to solve problems that multiple communities face.

Many of these systems are just part of multi-use systems that involve  dams, dykes, reservoirs and associated irrigation canals and water supply networks. Many current water infrastructure projects are designed to last 50 to 100 years if not longer. That requires the fabrication of parts and components that can stand the test of time. 

water infrastructure being installed.

We are knowledgeable in stormwater drainage manufacturing with low ecological impact. Not only does this green infrastructure help protect the environment, it future-proofs our clients from environmental regulations that are likely to affect how stormwater is managed. Stormwater drainage is merely a part of the water cycle, but it is a critical one that has lasting effects on every other part of the water cycle.

Stormwater drainage systems also must work with local, state, and national governments. Components must meet rigorous requirements set forth at each level, as there are more than 8,000 water systems managed by governments world-wide.

IMH Stormwater Drainage System Advantages

  • Environmentally low impact designs that stand the test of time.
  • Guidance through difficult bureaucratic processes.
  • Uniquely designed solutions.
  • Decades of client satisfaction and a continued dedication to quality.
  • Automated manufacturing.

Our experience in developing and manufacturing components for stormwater drainage systemsIs second to none. Our team is ready to help you in all aspects, from design, to working with local governments to meet standards, to large scale production of parts. Another advantage we have is our central location in the United States, so we can provide American-made parts quickly and efficiently.

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