For the last decade solar power has been exploding as a safe and reliable form of renewable energy. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, the generating capacity of solar installations has grown from less than 5,000 MWdc in 2010 to over 150,000 MWdc in the first quarter of 2023. As a result, the solar industry generates over $33 billion of private investment each year in solar infrastructure.

In addition to the environmental benefits of clean energy through solar production, the economic benefits are beginning to show. The installation prices of residential systems have dropped substantially while utility prices have become competitive with all other forms of power generation. That means the need for infrastructure and components is rising as the demand for solar power increases.

IMH Products is one of many companies that is moving forward to take advantage of this demand for solar infrastructure. Racking systems for photovoltaic modules provide support, and IMH Products is a producer of durable components that make up racking systems. These complex systems are galvanized to prevent corrosion, but they also must have mechanical parts to adjust seasonally or hourly to optimize the sun.

Solar infrastructure is not just limited to large ground arrays. Components are also needed for both large commercial and industrial roof mounted arrays as well as individual residential arrays. The racking for photovoltaic cells in this method is designed to attach securely to rafters a few inches above the roof. This is critical because it allows airflow to cool the rear of the modules, thus improving their performance.

Demand for Solar Infrastructure Increases

Over the last two years supply chain challenges have contributed to slight price increases in the solar infrastructure industry, but IMH is expanding its focus in order to address these challenges and provide solutions to solar suppliers. The ability to design and produce solar array components at a large scale allows us to be a cost effective solution for these components. Our capabilities in machining, forming, finishing, welding, and more makes us a reliable provider of racking systems and more. We employ an on-site team of engineers also keeps production costs low by keeping that element of production in house.

For each of the last four years solar power has added the most generating capacity to the grid in terms of total capacity additions. It has also provided growth in all 50 states. Texas, Florida, and New York saw massive growth in 2022 and half of U.S. states now have a generating capacity of more than 1 GW. Just 10 years ago only three states could boast such a claim. Between the rise of large scale solar generation as well as individual residential installations, the solar infrastructure industry is exploding. With IMH Products, our partners within the industry are able to take advantage of this increased demand.

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