A few weeks ago we discussed what, exactly, CNC machining was. In an incredibly simple definition, it is using a computer program to dictate the movement of tools and machinery. The first CNC machines were built in the 1940s. These early servomechanisms were augmented with analog and digital computers that revolutionized the entire process. As a leader in the field of CNC Machining in Indiana, IMH Products has long been at the forefront of this process.  

The most significant impact of CNC machine tools is the ability to reduce production times and increase output. The CNC machines that IMH Products uses, be they laser cutters, plasma welders, turning machines, and more, can produce products faster than traditional methods. This lowers the costs for our customers and improves efficiency.

Improving CNC Machining in Indiana

There are a number of ways that IMH Products has been able to revolutionize CNC Machining in Indiana. CNC machining produces products that adhere to tight tolerances This lowers the risk of human error. These machines require less human interaction, thus reducing labor costs. With the CNC machining technology that IMH Products uses we are able to deliver consistent results every time.

A critical component in our process is our design team. Our engineers and machinists are able to complete CAD drawings within the span of just a few days. When these designs are completed they are uploaded into our machines. A prototype or 3D model us then made. We then test these models before the initial run of components. In addition, CNC machines can be part of an assembly line so multiple machines can work together, efficiently producing many products or all the parts for one product simultaneously.

With everything under one entity, IMH Products is able to design, create prototypes, test components, create them with CNC machining, and even provide finishing services such as painting, powder coating, or more.

Industries IMH Products Partners With

There are several industries that look to IMH to produce high quality products via CNC machining. We are leading suppler of medical devices, food production, solar power, and more. IMH Products is proud to support our country as a provider of products and parts for the defense industry. We are also a leading supplier of infrastructure components for highway guardrails, stormwater drainage, and traffic control cabinet enclosures.

With the right machines and material for the job, CNC machinists can serve a wide range of industries. Of course, each of these industries has different needs. Even companies within the same industry may find different applications for CNC machining in their niches. That is where our ability to innovate allows us to stand apart from other manufacturers.

CNC machining is your solution for industry-specific parts made to your project’s exact needs, and at IMH Products, we are ready to help. Innovation begins with a creative design, which is perfectly suited to the CAD and CNC machining process. For more information on how we can get your project off the ground contact us at sales@imh.com.