One way for businesses to save costs is to manufacture their own products. This is an enormous undertaking, however. Take a company like John Deere, for example. They are a worldwide leader in producing farm equipment. It is not like they go out in back of their factory and pick up the parts of a combine after growing them out of the ground. Someone has to make those parts. Making the parts and then assembling them into a finished product are often two separate undertakings. This is why contract metal fabrication has many advantages and why IMH Products is ready to serve businesses like John Deere.

What is Contract Metal Fabrication

The easiest way to describe contract metal fabrication is using a third-party to produce products or components that are then used in the production of another final product. In the John Deere example above it is as simple as getting parts made by another entity and using them to construct their final products.

Some of these components may be bolts, fasteners, and other metal components. John Deere has the ability to produce some components in house, but their machines often have thousands of individual components that make up the final product. Therefore, they contract with companies like IMH Products to produce said components. By the stipulations of the contract IMH is now responsible for manufacturing or sourcing those components.

Benefits of Contract Metal Fabrication

The main reason that many companies to contract metal fabricators is cost. The more complex a final product is, the more cost-effective it is to let a third-party handle the large-scale fabrication of individual parts. That large-scale fabrication is a specialty of IMH Products.

Contract Metal Manufacturing also offers the advantage of flexibility. Metal is stronger and harder than plastic and it can go through a wide range of processes. This includes chipping, deep drawing, casting, forging, welding, and soldering. This contributes to its cost-effective nature. It also is efficient for high volume production lines.

Another benefit to contract manufacturing is the manufacturer’s technical expertise. At IMH Products we have the experience and expertise to guide our customers on the best materials, processes, and applications. Our in-house design engineers also take the extra step of working with our customers to design components to their exact specifications. Because we run our own shops and machines we are able to keep costs low.

Cons of Contract Metal Fabrication

While we strive to serve the needs of all our customers, there are certain factors that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to contract metal fabrications. Some contractors don’t offer finishing services such as deburring or painting.

Fortunately, with IMH Products, you do not have to worry about that. Part of our comprehensive process involves finishing so components are ready to use as soon as they go out the door. We handle all aspects of their production so you don’t have to. You can also trust that your intellectual property is not at risk and that we are a reliable partner that delivers our products on time.

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