When you think about it, custom metal fabrication is kind of like origami. In fact, it is even more complex than simple folds. Operations such as joints through welds, cuts, bends, and forming all play a role in taking a simple sheet of metal and making it into a custom piece that can perform any number of functions. The transformation process of turning raw materials into functional components is a specialty of IMH Products. It is why it is a leader in custom metal fabrication in Indiana.

It Begins With Design

No metal fabrication process can move forward without a solid design first. That is the impetus for any project, and it begins with our in-house CAD designers and engineers. IMH Products employs the latest design software and works directly with its customers in order to design solutions for even the trickiest of components.

Because IMH offers a diverse range of capabilities, our designers have a complete palette of creativity in which to design components. The use of computer-aided design allows for greater precision and efficiency in the design process. This lowers the costs for our customers. CAD software allows designers and engineers to create detailed, accurate 3D models of the parts they want to fabricate. These models can then be simulated and tested before actual fabrication begins, reducing the risk of errors and wasted materials. Our team of engineers also works directly with our customers to ensure all of their needs are met.  

Unique Craftsmanship

One of our associates at our plant in Prophetstown, Illinois showed how IMH values that experience. He was able to design a unique solution for one of our clients by putting the proverbial square peg in a round hole.

“I have over 30 years of experience in this and I love what I do,” he said. “I enjoy coming up with creative solutions and sometimes I can come up with a solution that works quicker than in a machining center.”

What do we mean by fitting a square peg into a round hole? In this case, our customer needed a custom shaped valve. It also had to be made out of a solid square piece. IMH needed to come up with a way to turn this block on the right into a finished valve on the left:

“Doing this in a machining center would take twice as long. I developed some jaws and was able to do it in a turning center,” said our associate.

The turning center in this case would be the infamous round hole in which the square peg needed to fit. As a result, IMH was able to create a custom fabricated piece that was exactly what the customer was looking for. It is triangle shaped valve, made out of a square, in a machine designed to make circles.

Custom Metal Fabrication in Indiana and Beyond

This is just a small example of how our team works directly with customers to create solutions. On  a larger scale, IMH offers solutions with CNC Machining, Computer-Aided Manufacturing, and automated processes that allow for quicker turnaround times.

For more information on how our team can assist you, contact us at sales@imh.com.