Industrial automation capabilities are a critical part of fabrication. At IMH Products our tool & die operators perform a critical service with individual designs, but the ability to have industrial automation is a must. The benefit of automating part or all of our production process allows us to boost production rates. This increases productivity and allows for a more efficient use of materials. This leads to a better quality product while also improving safety for our workers.  

The industrial automation capabilities at IMH Products are constantly evolving. One of our largest automation features is our CIDAN Folding Machine. Here is an example of it in action forming cab safety cages for construction equipment:

Benefits of Industrial Automation

The CIDAN Machinery Group is an industry leader in producing machines for sheet metal folding. Located in our Prophetstown, Illinois facility, our CIDAN machine is used for large scale metal folding into various forms. Our CIDAN maschine is designed to lower costs, as it uses power only when operating and does not use oil. This saves on energy and maintenance costs. By using this machine to construct cab cages our facility has the ability to quickly fold complex profiles and heavy material

Our production facility in Prophetstown relies heavily on industrial automation on both the micro- and macro-scale. Several of our stamping presses work on a coil feeding system that allows for continuous production on large runs of parts. We feature more than 40 on site presses, which gives us the capability to cut, stamp, form, and fold to exact specifications.

Laser Cutting

Another major component of the automation process is laser cutting. We have the capabilities and capacity to laser cut a wide range of materials, including aluminum, mild steel, and stainless steel. We complete this exacting process quickly and efficiently thanks to our robotic cutting bays. This includes conventional CO2 laser cutting as well as CNC laser cutting. Our automation capabilities allow us to cut aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and more. All told, IMH has nine lasers, with seven of them being variable high beam lasers that give us some of the most advanced machining technology in the industry.

Robotic Welding

The final component of automation we feature is robotic welding. IMH offers high and low volume robotically welding components and sub-assemblies on our 4 robotic welding cells. Not only does this improve speed and accuracy with complex welds, it provides for worker safety with its ability to produce welds remotely. The more you automate, the more you’re keeping people at a safe distance. Our automated welding bays keep workers safe by allowing them to observe welds from a safe, remote distance.

The industrial automation capabilities of IMH Products are not limited to just one area. We have invested heavily in refining our capabilities so we can deliver high quality products to our customers on the timelines they need. For more information on how we can assist your business and provide durable, American-made components contact us at