At any workplace safety should be the No. 1 priority. Every industry has certain standards and procedures designed to protect workers, and the metal manufacturing industry is no different. IMH Product prides itself on maintaining metal fabrication safety standards in Indiana. Our workers come to work each day knowing they have a safe work environment, but what goes into those standards?

According to the Indiana Department of Fabrication and Finishing there are rigorous standards pertaining to the following nine source categories when it comes to metal fabrication:

  • Electrical and Electronic Equipment Finishing Operations
  • Fabricated Metal Products, Not Elsewhere Classified (NEC)
  • Fabricated Plate Work (boiler shops)
  • Fabricated Structural Metal Manufacturing
  • Heating Equipment, except electric
  • Industrial Machinery and Equipment Finishing Operations
  • Iron and Steel Forging
  • Primary Metal Products Manufacturing
  • Valves and Pipe Fittings, NEC

These source categories deal with just the potential emissions of cadmium, chromium, lead, manganese, and nickel. There are several other standards that must be met.

Metal Fabrication Safety Standards in Indiana

The primary reason for metal fabrication safety standards in Indiana is, of course, worker safety. Your typical metal fabrication shop has a number of potentially dangerous hazards. A simple stroll round the shop floor at IMH products will take you past sparks from active welding booths, the glow of laser cutters, and the sounds of industrial presses forming metal. That is before you year the polite honk of active forklifts moving products from point A to point B.

IMH Products prides itself on following the safety standards set forth not only by the state of Indiana, but from federal authorities as well. Workers in metal fabrication may suffer serious or deadly injuries in workplace accidents involving:

  • Machine Guard failures
  • Electrical
  • Lockout Tagout
  • Falls
  • Ladders
  • Scaffolds
  • Heavy equipment

Here are some of the ways that we protect our workers on a busy shop floor.

Safety Features

Personal Protection Equipment – Proper safety in the workplace begins at the individual level. Simple safety equipment such as safety glasses, steel-toed boots, and proper clothing go a long way toward keeping workers safe throughout the work day.

Machine Guards – Several of the machines used by IMH Products employ their own safety features. Laser eyes can immediately stop a machine if the beam is broken. Shields and tinted glass lessen the glare of cutting lasers and sparks from welding.

Lockout Tagout – The lockout tagout method is a way of disconnecting electrical power to a device and locking it so power cannot be reconnected. This is often used when maintenance is performed on a piece of equipment.

Well Marked First Aid Stations – Accidents do happen on occasion, so having aid stations well marked and fully stocked is critical. It is also important to make sure all first aid materials are up to date.

Proper Operating Procedures – A lot of work has gone into creating guides and instructions for operating metal fabrication machinery safely. These instructions are posted clearly with each machine and each worker is properly trained as they are brought on a job.

Keeping our workers safe is a priority for IMH Products. By keeping workers safe we are able to deliver the quality components that we have become known for to our customers. For more on how our safety standards set us apart contact us at