Farming has been the backbone of civilization for thousands of years. Unfortunately, IMH Products has not been around for thousands of years, nor is it based in ancient Mesopotamia. Over the centuries farming technology was pretty standard until the industrial revolution. Now, in an era of industrial farms, the ability to plan and harvest crops efficiently comes from the leaders in the agricultural machinery industry.

IMH works hand in hand with some of the leaders in the agricultural machinery manufacturing. Our partners rely on us to deliver high-quality components for their machines.

Materials and Design

IMH Products can be considered a one-stop shop when it comes to manufacturing agricultural machinery components. We have the talent on hand with our engineering department to design precise parts down to the smallest measurements. We also have the technology and equipment to quickly and accurately fulfill large orders. This includes on site laser cutting, robotic welding, stamping, and folding.

A prime example of what we can do is our process for creating cab cages. We bring our process with solid steel and are able to cut and fold each component accurately with our custom designed manufacturing cell. This cell was developed and engineered in house by IMH and combined with our associates we are able to deliver durable cab cages that provide operators with safety as they are working agricultural machinery.

Our central location in the U.S. means we are able to quickly fulfill and ship orders to our customers. Our plant in Prophetstown, Illinois has over 30 stamping presses up to 120 inches long that give us the capacity to press any number of parts. Many of these presses also operate on a coil feed for consistency and efficiency. With three turret punch presses and three on-site lasers initial cuts are quick and accurate. We also provide high quality finishes on components with on-site CNC lathes.

In Indianapolis we have two plants that expand our capabilities. Our robotic welding cells and press brakes at our Columbia Avenue plant allow for on-site assembly of components. We specialize in complex sheet metal fabrication and weldments at this plant. For even heavier infrastructure our Dr. Andrew J. Brown plant has large stamping and weldment capabilities for heavy infrastructure.

Overall, we have press brakes that operate up to 1,000 tons, while our in-house tool and die operators give us the flexibility to solve the most complex of challenges.

It is no wonder that our customers in agricultural machinery manufacturing trust us to create durable and intricate parts for their products. To find out how we can help with your business contact us at