Structural steel is, quite literally, the backbone of many construction projects. It is lightweight, durable, and cost-effective, making it an attractive option for many designers and contractors. The ability to work steel into various shapes and sizes allows it to serve multiple purposes on the same project. It is also environmentally sustainable because it is 100% infinitely recyclable. IMH Products is a leader in structural steel fabrication in Indiana, and this includes prefabricated steel buildings as well as heavy-duty components such as bridge and highway structures for our nation’s infrastructure.

Structural steel is coated to be resistant to both fire and water. It has a very high strength-to-weight ratio, and its durability means it can last for decades. It costs less to manufacture than other metals and it is lighter to move once it is constructed. With he ability to work it into multiple shapes its versatility is unmatched as well.

A Leader in Structural Steel Manufacturing in Indiana

A growing area involving structural steel fabrication in Indiana is the growth of pre-fabricated steel buildings. IMH Products has recently expanded its production capabilities to provide components for pre-fabricated steel buildings. The following types of buildings use these components:

  • Barns & outbuildings
  • Shops & arages
  • Commercial & municipal
  • Residential
  • Accessory dwelling units
  • Agricultural
  • Aviation
  • Self-storage

IMH Products stocks construction products and accessories and can provide custom fabrications on a make-to-order basis, with or without galvanized coating. Our manufacturing capacity allows us to make a high volume of products specifically designed to fit the needs of your business. We have the tools to meet your specs and produce high-quality products for your projects. This includes eaves, brackets, panels, fasteners, and more.

The main selling point of these buildings is durability. They withstand the elements from summer storms to winter snow and the galvanizing process we employ furthers their lifespan. With no interior columns pre-engineered steel buildings also have flexible interior layouts. When you couple this with the option of large overhead, rolling, or sliding doors, customers have uninterrupted interior space. They are fire resistant and can be quickly assembled since the parts are all pre-made. It is like assembling a grown-up Lego set!

Construction Products for Infrastructure

Our nation’s bridges and highways rely on structural steel fabrication. These types of products need versatile and long-lasting components that need to hold up against the elements. IMH is a member of the National Corrugated Steel Pipe Association. We fabricate many fittings, couplers, trash grates, band angles, culvert sections, and end sections for corrugated steel pipes.

IMH also manufactures metal components for bridges, walkways, and other custom applications. These components form the backbone of our nation’s bridge and highway infrastructure. Our structural steel washers and plates are used around the United States in some of the largest construction projects for highways.

Our team is ready to work with you and answer any questions you may have when it comes to construction products. We have the experience to walk you through the entire process and with everything under one roof, we can keep costs low for our customers. For more information on how we can work with you contact us at