From the automotive to medical, aerospace to agricultural, metal fabrication in today’s economy is prevalent, necessary, and constantly evolving due to changes in technology and harder-to-find levels of skill. So to predict what the future holds for metal fabrication and fabricators, one must keep close tabs on issues that affect our industry every business quarter.

Whether it’s the 2019 tariffs on imported raw materials or the boom in alternative energy, there never seems to be a dull moment.

Below we discuss a few of the positive things to look forward to in our field as well as some things to watch and plan for in the near future.

Metal Fabrication in Demand

Reshoring—or the return of fabrication jobs to the U.S.—is driven by many factors including developments in technology and the rising cost of fabrication overseas, and that means that fabricators are now in high demand. 

Skilled labor needs, in general, have seen a resurgence, and as this trend continues and more jobs are created, training and equipping the next generation of fabricators will be key to maintain the quality the industry already produces.

Leveraging Technology

The partnership between skilled fabricators and emerging technology is one you should be monitoring, as one will never get far without the other. 

Automation void of the skilled hand will lack certain properties we know to look for in quality work. And today’s skilled fabricators will see new technologies as additions to their toolbelt to solve problems for their customers and to reduce time and wasted materials. 

Tube laser technology, simplified automation, 3D printing—these are just a few of the many exciting developments that can make the fabricator’s job easier in the near future, making the process more simple and the final results improved. 

Community and the Next Generation of Metal Fabricators

Metal fabrication is in new terrain as jobs return, labor is in demand, and technology meets new demands. The metal fabrication community is prepared for fabrication to meet these future challenges. 

With resources like The Fabricator and with fabricators continuing to meet at expos and conferences to discuss new technologies and changes, the industry is healthy and responsive to change, and it’s ready to equip the next generation with the tools needed. 

You can expect to see more outreach from current members of the community and more working together in the future. 

Metal Fabrication in Indiana

Manufacturing jobs in Indiana have provided unique training and opportunities for countless Hoosiers, and the industry continues to look for the next generation of workers interested in the skillset required to work in metal fabrication. 

With multiple trade schools and the many established fabrication companies in the Midwest area, this is a great career for those with dispositions for mathematics, tech, and hands-on learning. IMH is at the forefront of the industry and hires some of the best and most highly qualified trade workers out there. We keep our workforce equipped for the future of the industry, which is looking bright.