What makes a stop light run? Sure, when you pull up to a stop light you see the light suspended above the roadway on a set of wires, but the brains of these operations lie off to the side in traffic control enclosures. These cabinets are pole-mounted, pedestal-mounted, or integrated into the crosswalk underneath the roadway. They serve the critical function of protecting the delecate equipment that makes traffic signals run. They manage the timing of lights and, in special situations, can be opened to manually to be operated by safety officials to speed traffic in times of high congestion.

IMH Products is an industry leader in producing cabinets for traffic control enclosures. Municipalities trust us to produce these cabinets with high-quality materials that are made to meet all traffic control regulations.

Regulations for Traffic Control Enclosures

Each state has regulations for traffic control enclosures, but there are certain standards that are the same across the nation and established by the Federal Highway Administration. Regardless of shape, each cabinet must be able to house the following:

  • Power Supply
  • Central Processor Unit Module
  • Field input/Output Interface Module
  • FSK Modem Module
  • RS232 Serial Ports Module
  • Fiber Transceiver Module
  • Front Panel (User Interface)

Some manufacturers may add other features. This includes different inputs and outputs, an improved front panel user interface, and additional memory. The main purpose of the enclosure is to protect the components inside from the elements. These enclosures must be able to protect these electronics from splashing water, oil or coolant spills, direct sunlight, and other weather conditions.

At IMH Products, our enclosure  offer a flexible, modular design to promote easier cabinet access and maintenance while meeting all regulations. We begin with high-quality steel and aluminum as durable materials. These materials perfectly suit the context of the enclosure and meet all standard regulations. We also offer a variety of mounting options for any traffic situation.

Cost Savings for Taxpayers

Since traffic control enclosures are installed and maintained by local municipalities and state agencies, budgetary concerns are also a factor in their manufacture. Cities must balance the need for strict standards compliance with the mandate to conserve every available taxpayer dollar. IMH Products has decades of experience which we combine with the latest technology to produce these at the lowest possible cost. It is common for an agency to have two types of cabinets or controllers in use at any point in time. This often happens as they migrate from one type to another. Most agencies try to avoid having more than two different types in use at the same time. This keeps costs for taxpayers down by manufacturing them on a mass scale.

Our cabinets are manufactured from aluminum, or stainless steel. We offer optional fans, lights, thermostats, surge protectors and other built-in traffic accessories. To learn more about how we can design enclosures for you, contact us at sales@imh.com