IMH Products, Inc.
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Custom Metal Fabrication


IMH Products provides contract metal stamping and precision metal fabrication services. IMH has a wide variety of presses ranging from 45 tons to 750 tons and can design and build tooling for a wide variety of metals. Most commonly used are carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel. We have both conventional stamping presses and CNC turret presses which allow us to produce low, medium and high volume requirements.


IMH offers welding services to the most demanding specifications. We have MIG, TIG and spot welding machinery and capabilities. We have completed projects compliant with the AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code.


IMH has a variety of assembly techniques and processes from welding assemblies to those using various mechanical fastening systems, or a combination. We have manufactured assemblies for elevator systems, over the road tractors and trailers, commercial and industrial lighting systems, military vehicles, highways and bridges and electronics componentry.


IMH has the machinery and human resources, along with the ingenuity and experience to help develop the most technically demanding prototypes in a short period of time. Please allow us to assist with the development of your next product or product line.
"Our commitment to our customers is simple and straight forward. We want to be considered your best supplier."
Michael Kennedy, President