Metal Fabrication

Indianapolis Metal Fabrication

IMH Products proudly offers fast, high-quality metal fabrication services, including CNC forming, CNC punching, laser cutting, plasma cutting, and production welding. Our fleet of advanced fabrication equipment—paired with our team of talented professionals—allows us to handle even the most complex projects. 

Whether you need a partner that can provide large-scale production or need to quickly manufacture a prototype, IMH has the capabilities to support all of your metal fabrication needs. Contact us today to plan your next project.

High-Quality Metal Fabrication Services


IMH has a range of press brakes that can form any angle, channel, trim, or structural sections on sheet metal parts. Thanks to our large selection of press brake tooling options, our extensive library of punches and dies, and our team of skilled operators, we can efficiently deliver both small batches and large-scale production quantities. Our 3D CAD bending software allows us to program our brakes for maximum accuracy and speed, saving our partners time and money. 


  • Accurpress 100-ton brake with 4-axis backgauge
  • Accurpress 400-ton brake with 3-axis backgauge
  • Amada HFB-8025 88-ton brake with CNC backgauge
  • Amada RG-35 brake with CNC backgauge
  • Amada RG-80 8-foot brake with CNC backgauge
  • CINCINNATI® Proform+ 90-ton, 8-foot brake with 5-axis backgauge
  • CINCINNATI® Proform+ 175-ton, 12-foot brake with 5-axis backgauge
  • CINCINNATI® 230-ton, 12-foot brake with 3-axis backgauge
  • CINCINNATI® 600-ton brake with CNC backgauge
  • Pacific 200-ton brake
  • Pacific 750-ton, 24-foot brake
  • Standard Industrial 200-ton brake with CNC backgauge


When punching a product, accuracy is key. We leverage the Trumpf TC 500 R punching machine to guarantee a precise punch. Our CNC punching abilities include beading for part strength, extruded hole punch tooling, and assembly tab folding.


IMH provides fast and precise laser cutting services for our partners. Our advanced equipment enables us to efficiently laser cut a wide range of materials, including aluminum, mild steel, and stainless steel.


More energy efficient and cost effective than laser cutting, plasma cutting allows us to cut thicker metals. IMH houses a Komatsu Twister TFP3051 plasma cutting system that enables us to cut aluminum up to 0.500 inch thick, mild steel up to 1 inch thick, and stainless steel up to 0.750 inch thick.


IMH provides the most effective welding methods—including metal inert gas welding, resistance welding, and tungsten inert gas welding—and continuously invests in cutting edge welding technology. With multiple manual welding stations and automated welding lines for high-volume applications, we are capable of handling most production welding requests. 

Custom Metal Fabrication Services in Indianapolis

A dual commitment to increasing efficiency and pursuing growth drives IMH’s partnerships. We align our production of steel and aluminum parts and assemblies with each customer’s planned consumption, eliminating excess inventory and hidden expenses. By investing in the most advanced machining technology and empowering employees to develop creative solutions, IMH is able to handle any level of demand.

Looking for a metal fabrication partner that consistently delivers high-quality parts? Start a conversation with IMH today.