To Be a High-Reliable Organization You Must Partner with High-Reliable Organizations

High reliability, IMH invests and plans strategically to provide a high-reliable relationship. In our industry, if you’re not highly reliable, you’re a poor commodity, risky bet, or worse, forgettable. You must be able to reliably move products from manufacturer to consumer confidently at or above expectations or you lose to the competition. 

We find prospects traditionally focus on things like piece rate and cutting costs by choosing the lowest bidder. Those strategies are certainly important, but if that lowest bidder can’t deliver reliably, those strategic savings prove more costly in the end.  

At IMH, high reliability is everything. That focus is the foundation, allowing us to add and keep relationships for decades. It’s what created the strong working environment that drove and continues to drive business growth, increase revenue and cash flow, and build partnerships.  

These partnerships are the difference between a transaction and a relationship. We constantly evaluate our services to find improvement areas in our manufacturing processes to reduce waste and invest to increase our reliability.

How IMH Achieved and Maintains the High-Reliable Organization Claim

From the beginning, we built our company by partnering with dependable equipment manufacturers. We worked with material vendors who proved they could support the demands of our relationships. We worked to recruit a team of talented producers that prioritized customer commitment as part of their ethics. 

When you visit our facility, the equipment brands are the known leaders in their capability markets. The order you realize is sharp and intentional. The systems, tracking, and plan offer smoothness and confidence. When we get anything wrong, we are quick to respond. We work swiftly to replace the hiccup with a solution that provides certainty, and we craft a refreshed process that’s documented so it can be repeated properly. 

We’re invested in your success and your customer’s experience and success. With a focus on providing consistent metal fabrication and CNC machining services and a history of satisfying our partners’ expectations with a high level of care, we believe we’re exactly what you need in a partner for your metal components. We would love the opportunity to prove that to you.

Let’s get together, look over your current vendor relationships and take an honest look at your experiences over the last year to see how our highly reliable manufacturing offering can help.  Contact us today to start a conversation.