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IMH Products is a contract manufacturer of Made in America metal components and a trusted partner of original equipment manufacturers and engineering firms. Committed to delivering quality parts that meet customer specifications and timelines, IMH carries out low-volume prototype work as well as large-scale manufacturing projects. We specialize in metal fabrication, machining, stamping, and weldments.

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  • Laser Cutting

    Fast, precise laser cutting services with capabilities and capacity to laser cut a wide range of materials.

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  • Machining

    High-quality CNC machining, milling, turning, including assembly services.

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  • Forming

    Wide range of press brakes that can form any angle, channel, trim, or structural sections.

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  • Finishing

    Custom manufacturing orders throughout all stages of production—including the finishing touches.

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  • Stamping

    State-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to produce precision-engineered metal stamping.

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  • Welding

    Multiple manual welding stations and automated welding lines for high-volume applications.

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30+ Years of Experience

IMH Products specializes in manufacturing metal components and subassemblies Made in America for OEMs and the construction product industry. We work closely with our customers to forecast production demand for their products and are willing to create custom inventory programs that allow our customers to reduce their inventory costs while guaranteeing a steady delivery of production parts to keep their factory moving even in times of peak or spike order demand.

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