As a business owner, strategic planner, or purchasing agent, part of your role is managing your vendors. While researching suppliers, perhaps you have noticed products or services referred to as ISO 9001. What does this designation mean—and why should you care about it when it comes to metal fabrication?  

What does ISO 9001 mean?

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) gives requirements for a company’s quality management system (QMS). Although ISO is the organization that came up with these standards, it’s important to note that they do not certify companies. ISO 9001 establishes requirements that—if executed well—empower suppliers to offer products and services that meet expectations and comply with applicable regulations.

Whether you are a business owner are considering implementing the program —or you’re looking for a qualified vendor—ISO 9001 offers worthwhile benefits.

Benefits to customers

When products and services conform to International Standards, consumers have confidence that they are safe, reliable, and of good quality. ISO 9001 means that all of a company’s processes (customer service, sales, customer support, purchasing, product development) are audited annually to ensure that they are offering the best possible quality of service.

Companies working with ISO 9001 certified businesses will reap the following benefits:

  • Quick resolution of customer issues
  • Constant review of supplier quality and delivery performance
  • Consistent delivery of quality products
  • Flexibility within production schedules

Benefits to companies

When a QMS is implemented, a system is put in place to support staff, introduce efficient work practices, and improve levels of customer satisfaction. Doing so focuses the company on quality goals. Data is provided to management regularly so that progress can be monitored and measured against goals.

As a certified business, your company will see the following benefits :

  • Consistency of output
  • Defect rates decrease (and are caught sooner when they do occur)
  • Increase market shares, sales or revenues

Not only does the ISO 9001 certification set a company apart in the industry, but clients will also want to keep coming back time and again because of great service and quality products.

A well-designed and implemented Quality Management System has the potential to provide both organizations and customers with powerful benefits.

IMH Products is proud to be an ISO 9001 certified metal fabrication company that cuts, forms, and welds metal to your expectation. If you have any questions regarding our certification, services, or how we might be able to help with your future projects, give us a call.